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Are you pregnant and French is not your first language? Do you come from a faraway French-speaking country? Are you isolated from your family of origin? Then these antenatal classes are ideal for you!

The antenatal classes are comprised of 6 group meetings run by a midwife with the help of a community interpreter. These professionals are there to listen to you, answer your questions and provide you with the information you need.

They will tell you about the changes in your life, the development of your baby, your health and your well-being. They will also talk to you about the birth, your new role as a parent, about caring for your baby, breastfeeding, and the useful addresses and facilities for your baby and your family.



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Aziza Amal Charef Anglais Arabe
Jayaletchumy Geymeier Anglais Tamoul
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Sarah Suter Anglais
Suzanne Burnier-Azer Anglais Arabe
Zorica Glauser Anglais Bosniaque Croate Serbe